Coffee. The etymology of the word is derived from the many cultures that enjoyed its consumption through the ages. The cultural significance of the coveted cocoa bean evolved alongside the social impact it had and continues to have on civilizations to this day. It does not just represent the trade that brought these many cultures together, but also the sharing of ideas, hopes and dreams that kept them together. It transcends culture, countries and creed.

We at Timeserver procure all of our products from only environmentally sustainable sources in accordance with the highest European Standards. We do so without compromising on quality, value for money and dispatch or delivery. With our products just one click away our clientele don’t just get what they want quickly, but also the best aftercare service. This includes health and hygiene training and general advice for businesses, ensuring our associates achieve the same level of European Standards we at Timeserver proudly adhere to.

We represent the best of coffee, culture and commerce.